Hemp Stuff

What do you really know about hemp? When you think about hemp, what do you think of? Marijuana? Some stuff old hippies wear? It’s time to get your facts straight. Hemp is the non-psychedelic cousin of marijuana, both come from the parent cannabis, but they are different species of plant. Hemp has no “drug” parts to it. Further more, hemp has been an important part of American history. From hemp canvas sails and rope on wooden ships, to the World War Two propaganda poster promoting Americans to grow hemp, it has been an integral part of our history. Hemp is more durable than cotton, it is antimicrobial which makes it both mildew resistant and able to grow without the use of harmful pesticides, and a carbon NEGATIVE plant. How much of a carbon footprint is your made in China cotton tee shirt that has been shipped across the world and shipped maybe 4 more times through supply chain before getting to you (not to mention the lack of fair wages and working conditions that come with it)? Many things can be made from hemp, shirt, oil, hemp socks, even entire buildings. Every American made hemp alternative you buy to an over seas counterpart brings in American jobs, tax dollars, and cuts down on imports. When you buy American hemp products, you help America.

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